Work and Projects

Hunaniaith’s work is to promote the Welsh language.

The work is divided between 4 areas:

  • encouraging the passing of the Welsh language to babies and young children from the outset,
  • supporting families to use the Welsh language,
  • demonstrating to children and young people that there is value to the Welsh language,
  • working in communities to increase the use of the Welsh language

Here’s a taster of some Hunaniaith’s projects across the 4 priorities…

Integrating Welsh Learners into Welsh Communities

Collaboration with our partners in the sector: Learn Cymraeg, Nant Gwrtheyrn National Language Centre and Say Something in Welsh has enabled us to offer opportunities for Welsh speakers to practise their skills in Welsh and to become part of Welsh-speaking communities.

During the summer and autumn of 2021 14 walks were organised by Hunaniaith for new Welsh speakers in the company of more skilled speakers; each  walk was guided by a knowledgeable local leader.

From the slopes of Y Rhiw in Llŷn to the back streets of Bethesda and from Nanmor on the banks of the Glaslyn, the Peris valley and to Felinheli on the banks of the Menai we were joined by 177 people and our walks.

In addition to the above, a regular and enthusiastic group met regularly for a Dro & Jangyl in the Llanberis area with Ann Bierd.

Un Dydd ar y Tro
Leisa Mererid, the popular yoga and mindfulness teacher created a series of daily videos in Welsh for children to help maintain well-being and good mental health.

The videos were commissioned by Hunaniaith to be broadcast daily, Monday to Friday during the term from January 4th to February 26th 2021 on the AM Cymru digital channel.

They are designed for schools with the pupils in mind though families can use them at home. The exercises aim to present Yoga and Mindfulness in a simple and fun way, doing so ‘un dydd ar y tro – one day at a time’. There is a textbook to accompany the videos sponsored by Gwynedd Council’s Additional Learning Needs and Inclusion Service.  Click here for a PDF copy


 Lecture with Kristoffer Hughes exploring the importance of CERRIDWEN, mother of the muse and contemporary goddess, to Welsh culture throughout the centuries





Every Saturday morning between 14:11:20 – 12:12:20, 10 children aged 8 – 12 were given a taste of stagecraft . All of the workshops were facilitated by Anni Llŷn with the help of skilled practitioners in dance, characterization and singing in musicals.


In partnership with the Nant Gwrtheyrn National Language Centre a festival was organized to celebrate Halloween: 31/10 which included the following programme of virtual events:

§  Clog Dancing Workshop with Tudur Phillips

§  Scary Poem Workshop with Anni Llŷn

§  Writing Workshop with Angharad Price

§  Cookery Session with Laurent Gorce: Nant Gwrtheyrn chef who has learned Welsh,

§  Huw Brassington telling the story of his achievements.

§  Family Yoga Session with Emma Jones: Llifo’n Llawen

§  Twm Elias: the folk historian, talking about the pagan origins of Halloween

Three of the events were broadcast live via the AM Cymru channel, and 4 events were pre-recorded for broadcast on the same channel


An idea and resources created by Hunaniaith were used for the Mentrau Iaith National Halloween Competition and brought to light a leading figure of Celtic mythology for the Day of the Dead, Gwyn ap Nudd. A video telling the story of Gwyn ap Nudd and Welsh Halloween traditions by storyteller Gwilym Morus-Baird was commissioned: and children and young people were asked to create and decorate a skull. The competition was very popular across Wales and beyond and featured in


Nonsens a Nodau

Mair Tomos Ifans was commissioned to create a series of 10 videos to present traditional songs suitable for 7-11 year olds (and their adults). The title of the series is Nonsens a Nodau because the songs chosen have nonsense words, or the language of the Fairies, according to some! Click the link below to go to Hunaniaith’s YouTube Channel to see the first video: Migldi Magldi


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